Actions not being executed- not sure why

I've only had my HE a few weeks now but already noticed a few occasions when rules are not getting executed. Eg, Rule:
hot-water on at XX time, wait 30mins then hot-water off.
the last part of the rule (hot water OFF) never happened on a couple of occasions. It didnt even appear in the logs (so this is not a case of the z-wave command not getting received which i have also experienced, RF Interference, etc, but thats a more complex issue)
now considering adding extra code, which shouldnt be needed, in order to make sure the task gets fulfillled, ie, repeating the last command twice:

i could understand if maybe i was doing some code updates or accessing the HE during the time the code was due to occur which upset the system but this was not the case.
BTW still running firmware

Which Turn Off?

The second won’t occur if the first was successful…

Originally, the rule was turn off after 30 minutes.
i've add the "second attempt after another 5mins" as a precaution.

so you saying the final rule wont execute at all or will but to no effect?

Turn on the logging, so you can see exactly what it does on a Logs page. If the state of a device is off, sending an off command won't do anything.

that's what i'm saying- i saw the "on" command in the log but not the "off 30mins later" command

the OFF at 19:15 was me doing it manually

That's the device logs. You need to post the rule logs.

You need to turn that on then look at the hub logs.

thanks everyone for chipping in. Sorry but i cant find the app log.
the best i can offer is the device doing its thing for the past couple of days ok:

these are all automated executions, except the most recent which was my manual operation

Go into the app and turn on logging at the bottom of its page.

Then open a Logs tab using the left side menu where it says Logs.

got that but i think by turning it off and on again it must have wiped earlier logs as only actions i've done in the past few minutes are listed.

Guess i will just have to keep an eye on future strange behaviour.
thanks again for everyones help.
I'm still learning....

You have to select Past Logs at the top of the Log screen to see old messages.

Aware of that. As mentioned, i think disabling and re-enabling logs must have cleared past history.
I can see everything related that has occurred since doing so.

That is not how the feature works. Think of logging as "streaming events". If you have the logs enabled, they are posted in the Logs (past Logs). If you turn off logging they stop being posted. The only time logs are removed, is if the past log file is full. In that case, new logs from any app or device overwrite oldest logs....

that's very useful to know, thanks for that info @bobbyD

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