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Hello All - Regarding Rule Machine 5.1, the UI for selecting Scene actions is mislabeled as Adjust Shades/Blinds or Fans - there is no reference in the title for Scenes. See screenshot. My hub code version is I do not see this issue with my older RM 5.0 items, only RM 5.1 items.

What code version are you on for Hubitat? I'm on and don't see the same problem.

I'm also on version

It actually looks the same in your screenshot; the issue is that this whole category of actions used to be labeled something like "Activate Scenes, Adjust Shades/Blinds or Fans" but got the "scene" thing chopped off after Room Lighting was introduced and the scene actions were removed (from display only; existing rules would continue to work) after the deprecation of Groups and Scenes. That decision, plus the hiding of these actions, was reversed, as we now know.

What remains is that this category of actions is still labeled "Adjust Shades/Blinds or Fans." I suppose it's up to @bravenel whether he wants to change that wording back, as he changed it previously.

In any case, this is a display issue only that shouldn't cause any actual problems.

Ah...I see what you mean. I had no scene options since I had no scenes configured. I do have blinds. Guessing it's the opposite for OP. I add a test scene and get the full list now:

RM and many built-in apps filter the list of options, such as actions in Rule Machine, based on what devices you actually have on your system, so the differences between your two screenshots there are almost certainly a result of that and not a problem on either hub.

If I understand the OP correctly, it's the name of this category (on the left) that is the issue, not the list of actions (on the right), which is likely a harmless but possibly confusing artifact of history now, with the story above. :smiley:

Harmless, except for the 15 minutes it took me to figure out the problem :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and the cognitive load of remembering that Scenes are now found under Shades :unamused:. This is bad UI and should be fixed.

Naming aside (and indeed it may be less confusing to re-add it), in case you don't want to spend 15 minutes searching for an action in the future, the docs have a list of where each can be found. :smiley: See the "List of Actions" section towards the end.

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