Actions in rule not executing


I've been trying to get started with my smart home for a while now. Most things used to work, but now things are going bonkers. E.g. I have a simple rule in Rule machine turning off a bunch of lights when I press a button on a key fob. However, it just turns off some of them. In the logs it says that the action is run, and I even broke out this specific plug (it's lights that are connected to a fibaro smart plug) to a an action of its own in case there were too many lights checked in the same action.

I really have no idea where to start looking for issues, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated :pray:

You are probably overloading your mesh network with too many commands all at once. Try this app:


Thanks for your input!

So is your suggestion to use the action in Rule machine to call this app instead of using the action to turn off switches?

Is there no stacking of commands in Rule machine/Hubitat, making sure they will each be performed? If not, is there any instructions somewhere that lists the recommended number of simultaneous commands/actions?

No, to just use this app to turn off a bunch of devices. It will reveal to you in its logs which devices are having issues being turned off. And provide you a means of mitigating those issues, such as 'metering' (slowing down the commands). You could trigger it from RM if you want, perhaps with a virtual switch, turned on/off by a rule.

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I have a basic rule which shuts down everything when away, I found it easier to just group them in lots of 10-15 with 5 seconds in-between to alow the mesh to quiet down,


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