Actionable Notifications using Alexa

Is anyone aware of an integration that allows actionable notifications through Alexa and hubitat? I know this is easy to say up if using home assistant but I'm hoping to do it through hubitat. I did some digging and wasn't able to find anything.

Thanks in advance!

Did you look at echo speaks ?

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I have it installed and currently use it for other automations. I did not see an option for actionable notifications. I'll take another look though.

MBartho, did you get this to work using Echo Speaks? It's not obvious to me how to get an actionable push notification.

What I'm trying to do is when the bedroom light is turned on between 10pm and 1am that echo asks me if it's bedtime. If I say yes, then run the bedtime routine (lock doors, shut off lights, set alarms, reminders, turn on the side lamp, etc.) If no, then say ok and ignore me.

Other things I'd like Alexa to ask me:

  • The garage door is still open, want me to close it?
  • The AC is still on but no one is home, should I turn it off?

I have a similar setup using webCore. Link is below, granted it is somewhat outdated (refers to legacy smartthings)...

The general flow is that alexa/google/whatever asks a respond with a predetermined response that turns on a corresponding virtual switch (yes or no).

The webcore piston is designed so that the announcement plays then waits for a predetermined amount of time while the switch is being turned on. It then checks for the switch and acts based on switch status. The piston then turns the switch off a some predetermined time later.

If you're not familiar with webCore then you could probably accomplish in Rule Engine as well.

My garage door open alert play an announcement if left open for 1 hour. I respond with Please Close the Garage Door or Leave it open. There is a 30 second wait for the response. I've also toyed with a SMS response but it requires a webhook for the response.

I couldn't figure it out with Rule Machine. I'll look into webcore thank you!