Actionable Notifications? iOS

Are there any 3rd party solutions out there for iOS? (aware of solutions for android posted).

I’d like to set up a geofence based automation to popup with an option to disarm the garage alarm and open the door when approaching the house.


Have you looked at possibly using iOS Shortcuts to achieve this? From an iOS Shortcut, I believe you can make a MakerAPI or RuleMachine http call to trigger whatever actions on the hub you’d like. I believe the iOS Shortcut could be triggered by a geofence… :thinking:

It can! But it won't run it unless you explicitly allow it every time. IOS is stupid in that regard. I use a combination of the HE app and the Alexa app for geofencing. It works pretty well.

You have to create the automation from three iOS Home app rather than the Shortcuts app. That will remove the need for allowing it every single time. I’m the action you can use “Convert to Shortcut” to recreate what you have in the Shortcuts app.

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I thought that was what you wanted, based on your original post?

Isn't that what the Shortcut does? Maybe I am remembering it wrong, as it's been a while since I messed around with it. :thinking:

It may be what he wants, I am not the OP. For me, however, I thought I would use the Siri shortcut as an additional presence detector. I created a shortcut that would execute an endpoint trigger when ever I left or arrived home. The only problem is IOS will not run a arrival departure shortcut on it's on. It will pop up a message on the screen but you have manually accept it before it will do anything. If I am driving I don't want to have to unlock my phone and manually have to touch the screen.

So for me it was useless.

Check out Pushcut. Let's you create actionable notifications that trigger based on events including location. When I arrive, I have a notification popup that when pressed unlocks my door. Lots of flexibility---I'd caution you though you will be relying upon 3rd party APIs/services for your automation. Not ideal for me so I don't use pushcut extensively.

Pushcut also offers turning an iOS device into a "server" where your actions will run without interaction required (unlike iOS Shortcuts).

iOS shortcuts is crippleware. Apple doesn't trust its users to open it up in any meaningful way when it comes to truly automated solutions.

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I use home assistant as my ui and for notifications. I have a geofence setup that when I leave I get a telegram message with a button to set away and then the reverse when I arrive.