Action to repeat each hour indefinitely using rule machine

I'm a 1 week grizzled veteran of HE :partying_face: and finding this forum so helpful! I probably don't know what words to use so I couldn't find an answer to this...
I'm trying to turn a power switch on for 20 minutes and off for 40 minutes every hour - forever unless I delete the rule or the device or something like that. I made a couple simple rules and for the ones that kind of worked, they all had the same flaw - they seem to execute until midnight then stop.
Here is my latest attempt

I think it stops because I don't understand trigger events but I can't seem to figure out how to say... every day at the top of the hour each hour please turn on for 20 minutes then turn off for the remainder of the hour then repeat.
Can anyone provide some illumination> (no pun intended)

I'd try using the Periodic Trigger, hourly and select every hour ...

Thank you!

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