Action is run multiple times and in free order

I'm using a simple rule to change my thermostat.
I have a virtual thermostat to make this possible. My thermostat is not supported by Hubitat, it's a Toon or Eneco. It needs to be set by a http line with the temp * 100.
The rule I use:

the log

in the end the thermostat is not set. it should be set to 1900, but the math is done several times and in the wrong order.

maybe I am doing something wrong?
I already tried to prospone the http line, but that did not help.
When the rule is ran set_temp should always be an multitude of 100.

Looks like something may be triggering the rule multiple times. Is the original set command sent twice, or do you have multiple rules/devices that can set the setpoint?

during the testing, I only use one option to set the virtual thermostat.
I tested with Alexa and with manual setting it. ( not at the test)

But even if I set it two times, the result of the variable set_temp should be a 100 multifold, i guess.

I will double check to see, if I missed another trigger. thanks

Create a second variable with the amount multiplied by 100 then use it for setting your device.

Also, for troubleshooting, how about trying a delay of 1 second between each line?