Acting on which Alexa was asked to do something

Hope I can describe this correctly.

We have numerous Alexa devices. When we do a built-in non-Hubitat routine (like "Alexa, what's the weather") -- it answers back from the device you commanded it from.

And, if I do an Alexa routine (on the Amazon phone app) -- any "speak" commands in that routine, also respond from the Alexa device you commanded it from.

Now, here's the WAF thing. I want to be able to say things like "Alexa, I'm cold". But make it relative to which Alexa you commanded from


  • If it was the Bedroom Alexa -- turn up the thermostat in JUST the bedroom (and other things)
  • If it was the Bathroom Alexa -- turn up the thermostat in JUST the bathroom (and other things)
  • If it was the Guest Room Alexa -- turn up the thermostat in JUST the guest room (and other things)

To do this, with a SINGLE IDENTICAL VERBAL COMMAND ("Alexa, I'm cold") -- I need to know WHICH Alexa was commanded.

Possible? How?

Possible? YES! How? The only way that I am aware is to use Node Red. Here is my solution:

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First blush. O.M.G. Yea, I have an unraid server that can run Node-Red. I played with it for a bit, but the learning curve is rather steep.

Your solution -- I can follow it conceptually -- probably is a bad choice for my "first attempt at a Node-Red" routine.

MOST APPRECIATED though on the creative solution. I'll ponder further on it.

You used to be able to do this with Echo-speaks. A little over a year ago Amazon changed the API and took that capability away. The developer of Echo-speaks implied that it was still possible but would require a major update that he didn’t have time to do, but would try to get to it at some point. Since it’s been over a year now I am not hopeful.