Accidentally deleted dashboard

I accidentally deleted a dashboard. I don't need it but did not want to delete it. Sort of a play dash. Is there any way to restore it?


Restoring a hub backup would be the only way (Settings > Backup and Restore, using an automatic nightly backup one from the last time you had this Dashboard, or use one you downloaded yourself and saved locally, perhaps not a bad idea to do before you make changes).

To "back up" a Dashboard specifically without resorting to a full hub database backup, you can also just copy the layout code and save it somewhere. In the Dashboard itself, this would be the gear icon under the "Advanced" section (and then "Layout," which is the default). As you're making modifications, you can save this code in a text editor or similar and easily "restore" it should you make an undesirable change that is hard to reverse (or you can use it to clone this Dashboard to a new one, among other things). Doesn't help now but might be good to know. :slight_smile:

Thanks bert I had forgotten about the backup/restore. I will give it a shot