About to pull the trigger on a Hubitat

Hi All,

Totally new to HA. The most important element for me is local processing and came across Hubitat. The only devices I have at the moment are 4 Stelpro Orleans convectors which right now I can only set up and down manually. Cha-ching.

These have built in ZigBee and I was wondering if I would be able to get these to work. These are my only devices so it would be silly to get a controller with nothing to do. Plus winter is coming.

I know some people have Stelpro Ki's which aren't yet working, so this makes me hesitant.

I also have some Sinopé thermostats which runs a proprietary protocol (or maybe wifi, I don't know) through the cloud but that's not as important for me right now. For what it's worth, I believe ST has drivers for that.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I don't have Stelpro but do have Sinope thermostats with neviweb. I still have them with ST but did tried with a driver here and it did work for me.

We have two zigbee thermostat drivers built in, I have no idea if this device of yours follows the zigbee thermostat clusters or not, if it does it should work with one of the drivers that we have.
I can't warentee this claim obviously.

Thanks for your help Navat and Mike.

Since the start of my HA journey at the moment only contains maybe-maybeNot-yet-supported devices I'm going to put a pause until I either start installing other devices or I'm more confident that the Stelpros convectors will work.

I ended up getting a Stelpro Maestro SMC402 (20% off at my local hardware store) which contains a ZigBee controller so that I am able to control all my Stelpro convector heaters, it also has IFTTT support (I know cloud) if I ever wanted to get funky.

Anyway, I'll be sticking around reading until I'm ready, which I know won't be too long.

Thanks for everyone's hard work, keep it up!



Do you have a driver the the Stelpro Maestro SMT402. Im looking for one.


I am new to Hubitat, coming in from Wink, then a short venture out with VeraPlus. I have SMT402s as well (the whole reason why I ventured out with the Vera) and am now making the switch to Hubitat. I've began to make peace with the fact that these things may never be integrated properly into my system, but I still hold out hope.

I'd be willing to mail someone (preferably in Canada) one of my SMT402s if they can write a device driver for it and share it with the community.

Found this from Smartthigns, device handler.

These can be converted easily?

There's no conversion required. It installs directly, no modification NEEDED. (You can delete the whole Simulator and Tiles section, Hubitat ignores that anyway.)

I don't have one, but I created a virtual device and using that Driver code, the Device Info page shows:

In other words, try it, see how much of the driver works against the real device.


Cheers, I will try it with a live device and report back!

Still very new to the system so don't know what is and isn't possible, but after some intense reading on this forum, I'm seeing that there seem to be way more solutions in this space than problems.


There's a 'parallel' conversation about that Thermostat here:

Might be some useful reading and exchange of driver ideas there to get involved with. Zwave vs Zigbee but the drivers should be similar in 'intent'.

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And as exemplified by @csteele's response to your question - some really helpful folk. BTW, welcome to Hubitat!

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Hello, finally got my Hubitat (took a while to get to Montreal). Everything is running very smoothly. Set up all in all took about 2hrs (that includes pairing all of my devices and creating rules for everything). Comnig from the Vera had some challenges (rule machine is a little different than Reactor) etc...

The only devices that didn't work immediately are my Stelpro Maestro Thermostats. I do have a few of them so I am hoping to get some help with those.

Here is what I've done so far.
I've paired them (this was flawless).
I've copied the Github device handler seen a bit higher in the thread and applied it to the thermostats.
There seem to be a bunch of tiles with functions that the thermostat does not posses, and none of them seem to work.
Anyone have any advice as to how I should go about trouble shooting this?


Trying to find a way to completely turn off one of my Maestros in a she shed or lower the setpoint temperature so that the baseboard doesn’t come on....other than going to basement and throwing the breaker.

Wondering if anything here would work...happy to get a Hubitat if I can get it to make my Maestro work this way for me.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

I have a few smart CE switches and a Philips Hue but hubs and coding start getting beyond me. Though side loading to a firetv stick seems similar and I’ve done that :grinning:

Thanks in advance,