About to migrate 100+ devices from ST; Some questions and a request for general advice

Hi! I read the "how to build a strong ZWave Mesh" and I am going to read the Zigbee version too.

My Elevation Hub should be here by the end of the day, and I will pay out what devices I will remove from ST and join to Hubitat in groups as per those guides.

Some questions as I start to poke around here:

  • Where can I find a general log, akin the events list from the old ST app (basically high level user events)?
  • Can I find a detailed event log (akin to the IDE event logs)
  • Are there any network mapping tools available?
  • I have about a dozen Leviton ZWave light switches that need a firmware upgrade (At least, they did on ST's network). This required me to detach them from the network to program them with a 3rd party ZWave stick and some software that wasn't fully documented. Is this something I can do through Hubitat? Or should I set these guys aside and upgrade them now, before I move over?


General Log and System Events:

With the latest release of the Hubitat firmware (came out Monday) there is a utility that allows for Zwave upgrades.

A new build just came out for HE, and it has all of the tools you are asking about (C7). I'm at work, so I can't tell you how to get to them off the top of my head. The HE zwave is not as strong as the ST your used to, so it would be easist to just flash those Levitons with the PC updater firmware after exclusion from ST. You may want to wait a few weeks until some of the hotfixes for the new build are released before you switch over. When you go to do your switch over, start your exclusions from ST with the devices that are the farthest away from your hub(s) and move inward. Deconstucting a mesh is the reverse of building one.

Well now, that is some good timing, huh?

That should have been obvious... but wasn't. Thank you, This may mean I will wait for a while, instead of moving over piecemeal. The only important things that I control solely through automations are my bedroom shades. (My rule is generally that everything should work "dumb" at all times; I have a family and frequent houseguests that won't take the time to learn or load apps)

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This why I try to steer people away from smart bulbs as much as possible. People put tape and covers on switches to keep the bulb powered on at all times, but as soon as there is a problem no one can turn the light on in the dark.


Do you know where it would show the ZWave mappings? I just added about 15 devices, I'd like to see what it's doing if possible.

NEVERMIND: I found it

If you're adding a lot of devices, consider a hub reboot now and then while you're doing the including. May not matter, but won't hurt to freshen things a little every once in a while.

I always exclude any device before I include it, even if I've excluded it from another hub previously. Doesn't hurt to be sure your device is clean before you try to join it.

Welcome to Hubitat. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice. I am trying to follow the "Build a robust mesh" document, so I am adding in small groups.

At the moment, I am struggling to get these IRIS sensors to join. But I don't think that's on Hubitat.

I have a bunch of Iris motion sensors, if that's what you're referring to. Usually didn't have any problem w/them, the biggest issue is the tiny button on the side that you have to press while inserting the battery to pair them. :slight_smile:

If you can move them closer to the hub that will help, of course.

Huh... all the instructions I found said you need to do that to factory reset them, but then they should pair without the button.

Trying it now, doesn't seem to work. I'll move them closer.

I am trying both the Iris V1 and the regular Zigbee on these.

Assuming it's the one I have, this is what worked for me:

Maybe we're talking about different devices? Mine are V2.

Are you using the iris V1 join or the regular zigbee join?

Regular Zigbee, I used that for all my Iris motion sensors. Mine are all second gen sensors, 3326-L.

These little cutie-pies. :slight_smile:

Yeah... I have two of those and they were very solid on ST. I can't get them to pair.

I got one to be detected... but it didn't go through all the way and now... nothing.

I am trying a reboot again. I have an IRIS V1 that was super stable back in the day, but it won't pair now. A couple ST ones that suck, etc.

I might need to buy some new ones.

Odd, mine paired pretty easily, IRRC.

Is your smartthings hub still on? It is possible that they are causing channel interference. Typically I recommend pairing all devices in place, not bringing them close to the hub. Once the mesh is built out with some zigbee repeaters the Iris Motions typically pair very easily.

After a couple HE reboots and letting them sit after reset... They paired and are working fine. Thanks for the help.


Regardless of what hub you are coming over from, the best advice I can give (from personal experience) is to start small, get comfortable and familiar with the new platform. Only then progressively migrate the bulk of your z-wave and ZigBee devices to the new platform.

If I had taken the big bang approach to openHAB, Home Assistant, and HomeSeer when I was evaluating replacements for my Vera Hubs; I would have crashed and burned so hard my wife would have banned me from automating anymore of the house and most likely demanded a return to manual switches et al.

You also need to read up on compatible devices and be prepared to ditch some - for me this was Thermostats. For most ppl I'd say if you have non-zwave+ devices, don't migrate them, replace them first.

I took this sensible approach to migrating our house to the HE C7 and it has been an amazing experience. I've now retired all other Hubs.