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Haven't migrated this over to Hubitat yet. But one of the first things I will do is add control of the water closet light . Under the bedroom carpet on both sides of the bed are pressure sensor pads.
Currently when my house is in night mode if either my wife or I get out of bed , need I say why , the water closet light comes on at 25% brightness. This allows us to see our way to the water closet. When we return to bed the light turns off. This has been working on an old X10 system and am looking forward to migrating it to Hubitat.

Love the idea of a "Cool thing I did" group. Maybe there could be a table of contents, if this thread grows.

One of the automations I did that I'm proud of was automating my house fan. There are two fans, so basically a Low and a High. Via an Echo device, or my tablet dashboard, I can turn on the house fan, which is a virtual switch. If there are zero windows or doors open, the HF vSwitch does not turn on. If there is at least one open window/door, then one of the two fans turns on. As I make my way around the house and open my 4th, or more, window/door, then the second fan turns on. When I start closing down the windows/doors and there are less than 4, one of the fans turns off. Until there are no windows/doors open and the HF turns off.

As a safety check, if there are no windows/doors opens and someone attempts to manually turn one or both of the physical fan switches on, they will immediately turn themselves off to not cause negative pressure. Or draw air in from places I don't want to draw.