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Anyone using Abode Security? How are you integrating it into Hubitat?

I have my Door Contacts, Locks, and Garage Door being handled by Abode because it needs to know immediately when a door is opened/unlocked.

On SmartThings, I have Virtual Devices for the Devices controlled by Abode which are synchronized via a custom Application that sends/recives IFTTT Maker Events (To Abode) and HTTP Events (From Abode).

I am preparing to migrate my application to Hubitat, but wanted to know if/how others are doing it here first.

Thanks for any input!



I'm also interested in an integration with Abode.

I just bought a Hubitat also and this is a big question for me as well.

I hope there is some progress.

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Unfortunately, I just haven't had the time, nor the inclination to take this on. Honestly, I reverted back to my SmartThings hub as I didn't see any great advantage to Hubitat (yet) as my SmartThings is fast, a lot of my devices are handled locally, and all of my custom Device Handlers / SmartApps still work.

I have been able to get around the lack of direct integration with Abode by using virtual switches combined with IFTTT.

I created the following in HE:

Virtual Abode Standby
Virtual Abode Away
Virtual Abode Home

One example: When I unlock my smart lock with my personal code, HE turns on the Virtual Standby switch. When that switch turns on, HE notifies IFTTT, which triggers Abode to change its mode to Standby. This works in under 5 seconds usually.

That's a great idea! I'll try it out and see how it goes.

Anybody else playing with this combo? Since Abode uses proprietary door sensors, I'm wondering if anybody has found a way to use these sensor events to drive other things through Hubitat?

@alex24x7 @binu23 @richard2 have you taken a look at this? It works much faster and more consistently than IFTTT for status changes.

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This has been really stable and working seamlessly. Happy to support any of you who want to try this out now:

@endorphin_junkie I just installed your Abode driver. Thanks for developing that!

I haven't had any time to do much testing, but I can see that the current state of the virtual switch "Abode Gateway-isArmed" is off. My system is in Standby so that makes sense.

I created a new post this morning about using a third-party siren--in my case a Zooz S2 Multisiren--with the Abode system. I'd like the Zooz siren to sound when the Abode system is tripped, but I also need a quick way to turn off the siren once I disable the Abode system, otherwise I can see my neighbors starting a holy war against me. If you have any thoughts I'd welcome your reply to my main post here:

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Sorry for the late reply, been going through a reorg at work lately and had a bunch of long hours.

The entire point of what I did is so that you can build any trigger you want in Rule Machine. When you see alarm event, start the siren... when you see Alarm off, turn off the siren... I personally do this by syncing Abode to HSM, but assuming you don't use HSM this would be just:

Ignore the text between the parens () as that is simply the last value that was seen in that attribute. My kitchen door is open while I'm enjoying the breeze going through the house :wink:

P.S. I've seen a few different ways Abode displays stuff, depending your version of hub. They are not super consistent, so the best thing to do is to enable debug module, then go generate the events that you want to trigger on and check what you see in the Event Log and/or the debug log.

If you find anything odd, send me Trace-level logs here or in private message. I'm working blind against an undocumented API, so I have to see what it tells you to adjust it.

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as of today's minor patch, you can now install this using Hubitat Package Manager


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