Able to send https get / put /post from an RM rule?

I'm wondering if I'm missing something obvious. It looks like I can send an HTTP GET or PUT as an RM action, but is it possible to do the same with HTTPS (providing an authorization key in the header)? Also a POST action? Thanks for any insight.

Rule Machine can do HTTPS, but an Authorization header is not specific to HTTPS. It can work over HTTP or HTTPS (though, assuming it's best kept secret, is best done over HTTPS, and if your server is on the Internet, that is quite likely the only protocol it supports).

So what you really need is a way to put in headers. I don't believe this is possible from Rule actions. It is possible for sure with custom code. Here is one option that might work for you, though there may be others: Hubitat/ at master · ogiewon/Hubitat · GitHub. Alternatively, if you're integrating with a third-party service or LAN/cloud device, it's possible there is already a specific integration (whether built-in or custom) you could look at instead.

Regarding the other part of the question:

RM can do GET and POST, but not PUT (so just a bit different from what was stated). However, the driver above can do any of the three commands, so you may want to look at it or something similar regardless if you need something not supported by RM. For other built-in options, you could also look at webCoRE, though I've never used the HTTP actions there and can't tell you myself if they support what you need, either.

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i dont think anything extra is needed, just the rule with the URL as a https:// address (as opposed to just http://....)
This kind of rule (in rule machine) works fine for me:

not sure if that is the answer you were seeking?
be interested to know more about what it is you wish to achieve and how you go about it

Hi @UkSub, the trouble is there seems to be no way to pass along an authorization token as part of the https headers.

However, your larger question has pulled me out of rabbit hole. I'm "simply" trying to activate scenes I've created in the LIFX app for the discontinued LIFX Tile (and, ideally, be able to use the Tile's built-in morph effect). I still love the Tile despite its maddening finickiness and the obvious ticking of the clock. The HE LIFX integration does not support scenes as far as I can tell and other earlier drivers that I have come across are either incomplete with regard to the Tile or abandoned. I am currently depending on the Apple Home app, whose UI is both brittle and dreadful when it comes to using shortcuts internally. Years ago, I believe I was able to do this through webCoRE, but am hesitant to install it for only this one purpose.I should probably ask this question on a LIFX thread. Thanks again.

@bertabcd1234, thank you, so incredibly helpful. I did look at the Hubitat HTTP Momentary Switch Driver you mentioned, but was stymied by not knowing how to make it issue https rather http requests.

As you'll see from the reply I just made before this one, I should really have started with the problem I'm trying to solve (activating scenes for a LIFX Tile that are defined in their app) rather than describing the rabbit hole I find myself in. Amazing how quickly solving one problem leads to another, and another, ... although there is consolation in that one does tend to learn more from failure than success. :slight_smile: So really appreciate your commentary and questions.

Did you ever find a solution for this, I would like to do something similar. I was able to do this in webcore but was wondering if it was possible in rule machine somehow.