Ability to speak device when HSM is triggered

Is there an option to have the Audio Alerts speak which device triggered the HSM like in the Text Alerts? Here is what is in the Text Alerts screen

Use %device% to include alert device name, %value% to include alert value, %time% to include alert time, and %date% to include alert date.

Reason being, my HMS went off last night and I had NO IDEA where to go or NOT to go. It would be great if the system could speak "Front Door Intrusion" so something similar.

Thanks for any help and input.

Possibly this? I have google minis for speech devices, although I use text events mostly, but this could work?

I don't have anything for TTS so I capture my phone text messages to a global variable for display on my "main" dashboard where it will stay until reset. My HSM setup is similar to @Rxich. I have a simple rule capturing a text message on change.

I also use a Virtual RGB Light as a colored coded status light that is set in HSM for every alert. Reset is done with a virtual button. First press it reset back to condition "green" and appends to message that reset. Second press clears the message.

That is exactly what I was going to try, but since there was no text indicating that using those variables would work in Audio Alerts (and it was late and everyone would have killed me for "testing" it) I figured I would see if anyone has already done it.

Look like I will have to give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for the input, I will post back with my results.

Thanks gd_brock, I think I will also give this a try, thanks for the code.

You're welcome and good luck. It's been a while since I did this and it just occurred to me that I also had to setup a connector with that global.

It Works!!! I was able to use %device% an %value% in my Audio Alert.

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