Ability to search rules for things / commands

I think it would be of value to be able to 'search' my rules en masse for a command or device. Yes, I know you can look at a device bottom page and see what its involved in.
Being able to search all rules for 'Device - Echo Dot' or 'command - setVolume' would make tracking down things much easier.
Now, as it stands I have to see if I trigger in a log or open and close numerous rules to see which one I need to adjust or fix.

Maybe I don't understand your use case, but not sure how searching for instances of a device used in rules doesn't seem to be any better than going to a device page and seeing what rules it's used in. You can click on the rules listed on the device page to go directly to them, edit the rule, and then return to the device page to continue...

Searching for a command would be something you can't do now, as far as I know.

my vision of search is more robust. Entering the Rules app, a search field exists at the top - in it you can drop down and select device(s) and also a drop down of commands as one example. opening all the rules up one at a time is ... not efficient. I'm sure folks with more creative minds can envision an extension to this idea in a useful way. And yes, I know searching for a command isn't currently possible - hence the 'feature request'.
I post feature requests based on my needs and wants, I never expect that they are great or will get implemented but voicing them has triggered good discussion in the past.

Ah, the "or" above made it sound like you wanted two separate search options rather than a combined device/command search. Thanks for the clarification.

being able to search for values would also be a 'want' in the feature request. This morning I was trying to find the rule that was setting an echo volume to 2. I have six rules that touch on volume of echo devices so it wasn't expedient to drill in to find 'the one'. Further, I actually found two with manual review of the rules associated. Both fire at night when I enter sleep mode. so in the logs they are 8 hours back and not easily found.

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