Ability to Disable LEDs

Ref: Small suggestion to Improved Hubitat Elevation C7 Hub. It can be done!

Without wishing to reopen the wound, if this happens can we please have the ability to disable all LEDs? I really dont want a traffic light in my living room.


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If the LED's are "user programmable" then this is not an issue. The default state would be zero or off!
They will turn on ONLY when you tell them to turn ON :smiley:

Of course, black tape always works well. :crazy_face:


I use LED dimming or blackout stickers for most LED device-status lights. Like these:



I use Light Dims. They are great for dimming LEDs and some displays. The clock on our DVR can light the room so a layer or two of these is just right.

The only trouble I have is I keep loosing them. I put them in a safe location and forget where they are :frowning:


I like light dims as well. Great solution for devices that are in a living or bedroom and have LEDs that need to be toned down.

The rest of the discussion in the thread OP linked to is pretty pointless though. So hopefully we don’t have to continue it here.


If you are not into tape then nail polish will also do the trick. I use this to dim some of my led. You can also match most color as well.

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user programmable" LED additions would

Thank you for your suggestion. I like the idea and have forwarded your request to our engineers for future consideration.

Dam you too ! I went crazy looking for a zigbee plug, turns out it was on the desk under a bunch of empty HA boxes

Hmm, how is it that thou hast access to this "polish of nails"? Thoust would also tell me that thee has access to "heels of high stature"?

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I failed to mention, there is no adhesive on the material. It adheres to plastic by static electricity or surface tension. NO ADHESIVE means they come off without any damage to your device.


Thinking of HE or HA dashboard on this baby.

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