ABC Button controller for mode change and scene

Looking for some suggestions on how to set up a rule/s that will allow me to use my zooz zen32 to use button 5 to toggle the room on and off. Currently I have button 5 mapped to toggle a virtual switch and it toggles this virtual switch on and off per button press. Based on this I use the mode lighting app to set some bulbs and dimmers. This has been working well for sometime.

I then have button 10 (a double press of button 5) to set a "movie scene". This also works but not how I'd like. The two issues I'm looking for help with are:

  1. Regardless of the virtual switch status, when in movie scene I want the next single press of button 5 to turn off the movie scene as well as set the the virtual switch to off

  2. If in the movie scene I don't want the ligths to adjust when the mode changes

I'm using abc button controllers, motion and mode lighting and groups and scenes to do what I've attached. It doesn't work exactly the way I'd like because I want to single press button 5 when we are done watching movies and have the lights go out.

I've come back to the basement where these lights are the next morning to find them on, because I don't have this programmed correctly and it depending on my virtual switch status prior to activating the movie scene.

I could of course map button 10 to toggle the scene on and off, but I really want button 5 to turn the lights off because that's what's intuitive for everyone.

Thanks for the feedback and help.

2 button 5
3 button 10

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