A19 bulb recommendation

I have a Inovelli Red Series dimmer controlling two A19 lights which I just upgraded to LED. I have tried both some Ecosmart and Phillips bulbs which I purchased at Home Depot but neither dim very well. Basically once I get below 60% then the lights go out. I would be interested to see what other bulbs people are using that will dim better than what I have tried.

These are the bulbs that I use with my Caseta dimmers. I like the way the bulbs get warmer in color the more they are dimmed.



Hey @john2020 -- sorry for the issues with the dimmers and bulb compatibility.

The best ones we've seen are the GE Reveal or Relax line that can be found in Home Depot or Lowe's (or online).

Outside of those, these have been Inovelli community approved:

One other thing you may want to try is setting the min/max variables (once you get a different bulb).

To do this, what you'll want to do is install the device driver: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/installation-setup-lzw31-sn-dimmer-red-series-gen-2-hubitat#Installing_the_Device_Driver

What I typically do is then to to the device page and where it says, "Set Level", I set a value of 10 (which will bring your bulb down to 10%) and click, "Set Level". If your bulb either turns off or starts flickering, bump up the value to 15. Continue to do this until your bulb does not flicker and remember that number. For example, if you set the bulb to 20 and the bulb is dim and does not flicker, that's the level you'll want to remember for the next spot.

Once you've figured out the minimum level, there will be a spot on the device page that says, "Preferences" and will list a lot of different settings (it's about halfway down the page). Then there will be a spot that says, "Minimum Level...". You can enter a number in there such as 20.

Click, "Save Preferences" and now your bulb will not go below 20 (and 20 will become your new 1%).


Thanks for the info on setting the min level that has helped when using Hubitat. Now if I could only get the physical dimmer switch to actually dim the light I would be in good shape. Currently I can only turn the light on/off from the switch whereas when I had incidence lights it worked great to dim the light.

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