A way to resume thermostat schedule on arrival

Does anyone know of a way to send a command to my thermostats to resume their schedule when I arrive home?

What I do right now is I use an app on smartthings that resumes the schedule on my thermostats when the mode changes. I have the mode change automatically when any arrival sensor returns to home. I would prefer to do this all within Hubitat if possible and not rely on things like IFTTT.

What brand/model of thermostat are we talking about?

I have Ecobee and use a custom action of ResumeProgram to accomplish this without IFTTT.

Use Thermostat Scheduler instead of the thermostats own scheduler. Then you can use control setting Hold or Eco Mode, or changing setpoints as desired. You can control Thermostat Scheduler from Rule Machine.

I will explore that. What I need it to do is set a temp with a permanent hold when all presence sensors leave the house, then resume the schedule when at least one sensor returns.

I wasnt thinking the schedule itself was really the challenge.

Thermostat Scheduler mimics a typical thermostat scheduling setup. It has Hold, which overrides the schedule. Then when you turn Hold off, it resumes the schedule. Schedules can be time based or mode base. RM can have a simple rule fired by mode changes so that Away turns on Hold, and any other mode turns it off.

If you intend to stay with the thermostat's scheduling (as I do as well), then what I suggested above does exactly what you are asking for. If you aren't sure about using custom command, I suggest looking at YouTube around 5:40. He does precisely what I am talking about.