A way to reset the Private Boolean

I was playing around with a door chime suggestion in order to reduce/prevent multiple beeps occurring occasionally when door opened. Initially got the logic backwards and my PB became "stuck" on false. The only solution was to delete the trigger and start over.

Unless I'm missing something it would be nice to be able to manually set the PB somewhere on the rule/triggers config page or maybe just have the PB value get reset to "true" every time you set the restriction "Enable/Disable with Private Boolean" switch to "on"..

You just have to think through the flow and logic. The logic flow must make a complete cycle, from true to false, back to true. Sometimes this means setting it in unobvious places, just to complete that cycle. Since it can be set from both true and false part of any rule, this is very possible to figure out.

If you create a bad logic flow, which is what you describe above, then of course you're going to have to change one of the rules involved. When changing it, you may need to change it twice, once to set PB to true, and then the second to whatever it's supposed to be. Your feature request is for a way to undo a mistake you made. That would be a potentially never ending set of features, considering that we can all make never ending mistakes.

You are SOOOO right and I have a particular knack for getting into trouble - logic or otherwise.

Absolutely I would prefer you keep working the magic you guys are working on first.. given your resources it seems much more appropriate. I will say that trivial things like this make RM seem a little less polished/complete.

It's really not a big deal either way - was able to easily recreate the trigger which did not help sadly as it's the device.

Thanks for the response!!

Easiest way I can think of is to create a separate rule that references it's own private boolean, then in the True actions, set the Private Boolean of your original rule true. This will evaluate and run the actions whenever you go in and hit Done. It will never be false, so it will never flip states, which means it will never run on it's own. So basically it's a "build your own" PB reset function.

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I'm not anticipating doing it all that often but with my aging brain anything is possible/probable. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But that sounds like a great hack - thanks!!!

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