A way to improve the next generation hub

Most of us have learned that pulling power from the hub is asking for trouble. I've had my hubs on battery backup since the beginning and have never had a problem, that is until I was working in my equipment closet and brushed up on the weak and fragile micro USB cable causing it to fall out. So I rolled the dice plugging it back in hoping everything was okay. It seemed normal for a day and then took a nosedive. Had to do a soft reset and restore a backup.


  • Improve the power connection so it doesn't fall off so easily.
  • Add a capacitor with enough power to safely shut the hub down on power loss.

I think a lot of people that are going to come here from SmartThings, and possibly other cloud platforms are used to pulling the plug on their hubs to fix problems, treating them like cable modems. I see tons of posts on this forum that can be tied to unexpected power losses and each time they try and recover it gets worse and worse.


Thanks for your feedback. Your request has been noted. Issues from unexpected power loss are 90% local network related (outside of hub's control) and 10% hub's database related. In the case of the 10%, the solution is simple. Run a Soft Reset with a backup. The power loss is not the bogeyman that it sounds to be.


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