A trouble spot with Mobile App Presence

I originally setup my HE to use my cell phone (android) as my presence sensor for security arming/disarming. It worked for a long time. Then one day it didn't.
I wasn't aware how long it didn't work but realized I was never seeing log messages. Seeing so many posts related to the Mobile App and all the different Presence detection apps I got the queasy feeling I should make mine presence detection more robust as well.
I implemented multiple other presence detection apps and felt it was fairly functional. I would see 2 or 3 of these apps report correctly but the Hubitat app would be wrong. Tickling it would fix it a bit ... sometimes but I just basically stopped trusting it.
Recently I found one of the reasons my HE app stopped working correctly. In the device name, when I added the app to my phone it created a device name of:
moto g fast

I don't know where the HE app got that name, but I believe it got it from the stored value of the phone which shows also as all lower case in the About under Settings.
When I changed the device name in my Hubitat to :
Moto G Fast

My HE App and presence didn't work correctly. Each time I tried to change the name in the Mobile app and recreate the connection to my Hubitat it would get further messed up - I'd delete newly created devices, fix it in the phone, tried to update it and never really got it correct.
In the end, I reset everything. Deleted the phone device from my Hubitat, deleted the app and cleared the app cache. I recreated without touching it, leaving all the values as given and it has been working more or less. It still seems to get confused when I'm outside the house and I disable my wireless on the phone. At that point, when I'm still within the sphere of my Wifi and able to connect to my Hubitat but force a disconnect, it doesn't really handle it all that well.
I am not looking to solve this, as other Presence apps are doing a very good job of shoring up this area for me. I just wanted to document my finding that changing the device name, even the upper/lower case of the Device name creates issues between the two. Since you'd think it was using the DNI, I would expect this NOT to be an issue but it does seem to be.
Hope this helps someone.

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