A replacement for Insteon 2334-2

I love the 8 button keypad but while trying to get all my devices i was going into to many directions. There was a post of a switch for pico which I lost. I now have the lutron hub but uncertain of which switch I should buy. Inseton or smarthome 2334-2 is what I want to replace. It has 8 buttons 7 for virtual switches and 1 that actually controls a load. Id be willing to go down to 5 virtual and one load/ live button. Im ok ok with 80$ or less but not spending 300$ as Im not rich.
Thanks for suggestions
Fyi I would have posted a link but many are fake and have hacker tools.

The Lutron Pico Remote works really great. It is battery operated, so wouldn’t actually control any loads. You can purchase adapters for it that will make it fit perfectly over an electric box and be flush with the cover. Last time I checked, the remote was around $25 and the adapter around $10 (in Canada, so probably cheaper in the states.) These can be purchased at Amazon and typically also at Home Depot.

There are multiple options to control what each of the 5 button does, including the Hubitat Button Controller app.

Note: You mention you got the Lutro Hub - I just want to confirm it is the Lutron Pro Hub. It has to be the Pro version to work with Hubitat.

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I recently moved into a rental house so not using currently but the Zooz ZEN32 has 5 buttons and I LOVED IT when I had it installed. i own 4 and consider it a hard-wired PICO. If I remember correctly, you can use single press, double press, held, and released as triggers so you could control more than just 5 devices. Also, each button has an LED that can be used as indicators. I synced the LED on the button to the light it controlled on 3 of them. On the 4th, I turned all of the LEDs red when security system was armed because switch was next to back door that I often opened to let dogs out without turning off alarm.

My post from Aug '20:


Stephen this is what I was looking for. Each one of my keypads controls a outside light at its location so thats why I needed a load switch. But at same time I use wall switches to control my pool pump, pool heater, deck lights, yard lights: in bedroom the fan and bedroom light/ in kitchen the kitchen overhead and kitchen table. I saw something like 32 scenes but that will get complicated learning long press double tap, and every light in my house is led and dimmable so not sure if software can do all that as in double tap to turn on yard lights then press up down to dim/brighten. I get you can set preset levels depending on time but lets say your having a party that runs late into the night you might want to dim a certain light without annoying neighbors but also dont want to be going under the the deck to dim it. This product is best solution thus far and dang thats a nice price point. The insteon had 8 buttons #1 would control load and rest would be scene but if I pressed and held #2 it would brighten if I did it again it would lower. Im shocked between z-wave and lutron they are not making switches like this and more elegant. Id be happy on any more input for this. But thus far best option. Also custom label's would be nice as guests do not know what is what.

Obviously not in this old outdated style but you know what your pressing nothing more annoying when guest start pressing buttons and turn things on and others off trying to figure out buttons. I know this seems like a complex solution but its not. With more and more people using home automation one would think that lutron or z-wave would fill all the gaps of failed insteon. Ill go with this switch unless people stumbled upon better options. Im willing to pay up to 80$ a switch that is more of what im used to using. I saw digital ones but there like 400$ each.
Thanks in advance and thanks for comments
So going deep down I did find similar ones by lutron but they start out at 200$ and go to 500$ I did find this not sure if it will work with hubitat

and this

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