A note for the experts

I’ve been here for a while and feel like I know most of the tips and tricks for Rule Machine. I like to try to help others out, and I’ve noticed a trend from some of the others who like to help out.

We ALL know it is better to use SA or ML to accomplish many things. However you won’t learn how to use RM effectively without doing some basic rules that can be covered by these smaller apps.

So I implore you to write up the rule in RM to show them how it can be done, then tell them it’s easier and faster some where else!

Other than that thanks to all the helpers who are out there!


Guilty! :slight_smile: Over the last almost 3 years helping people, I've noticed that in cases like this, it's often true that the poster was not aware that other apps were available to fill this need. This is not universally true, but if it's not clear that they're aware of other options, I think it's important to mention them. I'll usually also provide at least a pointer for how to do it in RM, even if it's just to the docs (especially if it's clear that they were not read because an exact rule is already there; I think it's particularly important to read them for RM instead of guessing).

Again, I am happy to help with rules when I think i have a good idea. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying--just pointing out reasons why it may look like I do this sometimes. I think leads to better outcomes in the long term, even if in the short term it may seem like getting deprived of a stranger writing an exact rule for you, as much as I hope none of us come off that way! What's great regardless is that nothing is stopping someone else from suggesting a rule just because someone else said that they don't think it's the best idea--a void anyone can fill on a post if so inclined. :slight_smile: (Unless, I guess, someone derails the thread and it gets locked, but those are thankfully few and far between on actual support posts nowadays.)


I will agree that one cannot jump in to RM sight unseen and assume the understand it.
The docs is a good first stop. As are some of the videos.

But I think have a forum full of “community vetted and approved” rule helps others find there way.

I'm sometimes also guilty. It seems that the norm is just to ask. I'm sure if you'd just do a search, you'll find a bunch of example rules out there because someone already asked. The exact rule someone is looking for. So, sometimes I feel like a broken record repeating myself over and over and over because someone did not take a minute to search. Granted, there are probably a thousand threads with rule machine in the topic or rule, but one could effectively find a simple RM rule fairly quickly to use as an example. There is also a thread out there where people were sharing their rules. And, there are a lot of good examples there as well.

I realize that I was there once, so I'm not downing it. I do make an effort to be as helpful as I can and post a lot of my rules out there for all to see when I have something available.

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