A New Control Appliance to Rule Them All: Elgato's Steam Deck Appliances

Elgato makes several Stream Deck appliances intended for controlling hardware (lights, camera, recording, etc.) during live streaming. These devices are elegant in that they are a grid of individually accessible clear buttons placed in front of an LCD display. The net result is that each button can be programmed with its own Icon. One of the modes of programming the buttons is a HTTP get/post method. This allows for the Stream Deck to access any function as made available in Hubitat via the Maker API functionality. It works flawlessly and no modification of existing code or new drivers were needed. I'll post a few photos shortly. Overall, completing this integration was nearly effortless. I'd be interested in learning if anyone else has discovered Stream Decks as an elegant way of creating an interactive control panel for Hubitat. I've really only scratched the surface at this point, as programming the Stream Deck is also possible via an API, creating the possibility for programs to run locally, creating an entirely new orchestration layer to drive Hubitat actuations.

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I've been using this integration:

Seems to be working fine. I'd be interested to see your implementation.

May be a great for button macros, but it is terrible at playing games. :slight_smile:

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