A Google Home owner that can't link with Hubitat

Whenever I try and link accounts to get authorized I get this message instead.
"The parameter state must be set in the query string"
This is on a white webpage with no navigation links or buttons.

I don't know what I should do next. I don't seem to be authorized.

Check your username and password the username is case sensitive.

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Hi, Patrick

Thanks but it/I did the same thing. It will ask for email and password. I'm using Lastpass so the credentials should be right. I'll have to wait for the server to log me out or that message will show as soon as I try to link again

Will there be a link to change my password the next time I try to link? Maybe I can do that if I go to my Hubitat account directly.

Since the authorization is coming from amazon, its possible its populating your amazon credentials and not your portal.hubitat.com ones?

Try manually entering the same username and password used at portal.hubitat.com and see if that works.

I find LastPass to be a pain with some logins, especially when I have multiple logins for the same domain. In such cases I temporarily copy/paste my password, with LastPass logged out.