A fingerprint sniffer?

Is there any kind of Fingerprint sniffer app available? I've search the community and see one reference but only to the desire for one...
I'm trying to determine the difference between two supposedly identical devices that answer differently.
When I was working on customizing a driver, there was an embedded code to pull a fingerprint so you could submit it to the dev. I didn't study it, just became slightly aware of it. I'd really like to compare the incoming values of two devices and their fingerprints to look for anomalies / differences . I've two devices, purchased from the same Amazon link, about 3 months apart, that are acting differently using the same driver and I'd love to learn why.

zigbee? z-wave? In both cases (but especially the latter), are there differences in configuration?

zigbee in this case - u know me, no z-wave - Anyways - the configs are nearly the same although her setup is a c7 vs my c5. both same HE versions (latest), both use same driver.

I just reviewed 'Display Device Details' by @thebearmay - looking at Data seems to give something I can compare but not sure if it's really a fingerprint or not...

I think if you select 'Device' for the device driver and then click on the 'Get Info' button, you should get the devices fingerprint.
Is this what you are after?


Basically you're looking for the in and out clusters, sometimes they're in the data, sometimes they're not. The Device driver @bobbles mentioned above is generally your best bet.


Where do I see the result? In the logs? in the Data field?

In the logs.
Open a new window with live logging.

yea. this was the result:

Maybe try a re-pair of the device to make it report in.

she's an 75 min drive away (and non-tech)... I could play with mine to see if it gens' the fingerprint during the re-add but ... nothings broken here ... so...

I'll keep my eye out in case someone mentions fingerprints. Thanks gents.

MIght ask @mike.maxwell if he knows of a quick way to get the fingerprint.

The built-in 'Device' driver works OK for getting a zigbee device fingerprint.
You could use also this : (link).
Make sure your hub is not running the problematic version, as getting the zigbee devices fingerprints was one of the problems that I noticed on my dev hub a few days ago.


Just admit it. You’re trying to break into a bank vault :rofl:

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