A few suggestions

hi - hope I'm putting this in the right spot... just my wishlist of features

It would be cool if there was a voting mechanism or something so the community could rank stuff that was being considered... or a "stop asking for X because we ain't gonna do it" memo :wink:

configurable LED on the hub - dimming would be most appreciated, don't really see a need to tweak the colors, but I'm sure some people may like it if it's possible.

automatic updates and scheduled reboots - I've been impressed with the number of updates - this is my 1st Hubitat hub and I've only been using for a month but it would be great to just allow auto updates and schedule a time (I don't have any add on subscription but if this was included I think I would)

  • while we're on the subject I would also be willing to pay more for a "hub pro" or something of the like with beefier specs ... or a BYOD option.

Configurable z-wave routing - I have some devices that seem to want to push the 4 hop limit to the extreme (quite ridiculous how it goes in a circle around the house before it returns to the hub and another device, be it a switch in the same work box or a plug in the same receptacle takes a completely different more logical direct path). Repairs and power cycles don't resolve.

Show/hide devices from mobile app [solved with @bertabcd1234 suggestion below] - I started to play with the dashboards but this seems to be way more advanced than just a simple show or hide from the device list. I'm basically referring to groups or multi-way switches where I don't want to display the individual members all the time
There's some kind of drop down on the top that has "all my devices" but all it does is expand or collapse all devices, almost like there was meant to be another option there but if there is or was I can not find it.


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Have you set up anything in Rooms? This might be the missing piece. Dashboard will give you more control but does require some setup.

Some of the other ideas above have been discussed in the past, perhaps most notably the LED (unlikely), but not sure about the rest. :slight_smile:

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I have not (set up any rooms) - I will give that a try, thanks for the suggestion - I probably wasn't searching for the right keywords.

EDIT: Rooms was exactly what I was looking for. Coming from Insteon I should have realized this as it was the same concept with "Favorites" in fact thats what I just did, added all the devices I wanted to display on the mobile app to a room called Favorites and now when I open it shows only that. :+1:

I use "Light Dims" light dimming sheets (shapes). I had them prior to Hubitat for other devices with too bright LEDs.

As to whether dimming should be added to the Hub capabilities, I have no real opinion except I would rather see effort put elsewhere.


I don't think that is even possible. It is all controlled by the zwave stack provided by Silicon Labs. I have messed around with PC Controller some, trying to manually set routes but never noticed that it actually changed its behavior any. If anyone has successfully manually set a route and verified it worked, would be good to know.

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I did read a few places where it lightsdim was suggested or plain old electrical tape... it just seems kind of Podunk given the setting is available on so many of the devices we're adding to the hub. maybe the hardware doesnt support it? I dont know- havent found any official statement on it which is why i mentioned again - if there was a sticky that said stop asking for dimming LED I wouldnt have brought it up :slight_smile:

That would devolve into flame wars because those who didn't like the person posting would downvote just cause...

Personally I don't see an issue, but a piece of electrical tape solves that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Automatic updates are anethma to Hubitat's philosophy of self control. Also a well functioning hub shouldn't need rebooting but you can reboot on a schedule if you wish.

This is not ever going to be likely because this is controlled by the SDK and Hubitat has to follow the SDK in order to maintain compliance. This would have to be baked in by SiLabs

Use a dashboard, not rooms. Though I believe you can collapse rooms. With dashboards, only expose devices you want on that dashboard. Never expose them all.

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I can understand some would say that and want to install the update on their own - but many devices give the option to auto-update (option to configure and pick a desired time - not force update). I did read here on the community some folks have setup rules to reboot, I was just tacking that on since it kind of goes hand in-hand w the update,

Dev's have repeatedly said there won't ever be automatic updates. I think it also helps prevent a bunch of hubs from going cattywampus should a big bug get out. That way they can cut the pipeline and address only those that actually updated. (It's happened before)


I don't want to sound like a LightDims fanboy but the beauty of the LightDims is; they don't use adhesive. They stay on due to vacuum (I've read).

They just replaced my cable TV box, it was about 8 years old, I pealed of the Light Dim before they took it. There were no traces of residue on the plastic panel.

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I agree with that one.

I have no issue with it being OFF by default, but I should have the option to auto-update if I want.

No, they aren't. The OPTION could be OFF by default.

The current situation is (somewhat) anti-consumer choice. "They know best", which I find a bit irritating.

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Actually, I think they are saying "You know best."

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If "I know best" then I should be able to turn on automatic updates if I so desire. :wink: Especially on development hubs.

It's not that big of a deal in the end, but if we are talking about "with list" items, that would be on mine.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. As often with threads like this on, there's a large gap between what is being asked for and what is likely to happen. I'm not going to go into the reasons and details of that gap. Suffice it to say that we are constantly working on improving the hub.