A device that use to refresh doesn't anymore (lum and motion)

I have a Lum/Motion device that use to update with changes. When I "refresh" the device, I see the updates to the luminance. This use to be automatic. I'm on the latest rev c-7 hw. Did something change? Do I need to click some box to tell it to refresh now?

My G2 is still reporting changes using the G2 driver, but see you appear to be on the G1.

I'm game to try the newer driver (didn't know it was outdated actually). How does one update the driver to G2?

You just go to the Type drop down box and select it. If you're running G1 hardware not sure how compatible it is, but may be worth a try.

ok, updated to G2 and still doesn't refresh. Seems to have stopped refreshing on 12/2/22.

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