A couple of milestones... And a ‘thank you’


So, checking my stats today, revealed a couple of milestones were passed overnight .

As of this morning...

There are 507 working copies of my current version apps in use.
There are 106 people using my ‘Cobra Apps’ container..

Surprisingly, there are still 178 legacy apps/drivers in regular use!
I’d be interested to know why people have not updated to the latest versions.

On a further note..

Thank You!

To all the people using my apps (and drivers) without you all using them, it’s a waste of time me creating them.
It’s nice to know that so many people find them useful.



I am a huge fan of your virtual presence driver and message central. I appreciate what you do to help the community do new and creative things!



I think you were one of the first people to start generating a mass of applications and did so with a level of commitment, standards and great support. It's been a genuine pleasure both using and helping you develop fantastic (and heavily plagiarized) applications!!


Wow Andy, That’s a good percentage and surely must be rewarding for you.
Some of your Apps strongly assist in making HE “work” for me.
Average All, Check Open Contavts and Presence Central.
Thank you


I don't know what you consider "legacy" (any old version?), but, in general, unless I see a bug fix, new feature I want, or the rare Hubitat update that breaks compatibility, I'm usually perfectly happy to keep my custom apps as-is. Less chance of anything breaking. :slight_smile: That being said, I'm not aware of myself being wildly out-of-date on any, but maybe I'll check and see what's changed.

Also, thank you. You are one of the earliest most prolific community developers here, and as much as Hubitat has added more features of its own, I continue to find your apps useful.


In other words if it's working why break it? Or it's just because you were not aware of an update?

Curious about this myself....


Both, first because if an app is working I'm not likely to go into it and use the "check for updates" feature (so I won't know--and Cobra's are one of few that even have this), but also because I don't see a point in changing code that might break something if what I have right now is working just fine. Of course, I make exceptions if there are new features or improvements I want (and I know about them)--or that one time a hub firmware update broke something. Neither is usually a problem, but this is definitely easier than constantly checking for and installing updates I might not need. :slight_smile:


Andy does have a notification setup when new code is available



Yes and in my humble opinion it should be standard :wink:


I have not updated apps or HE as I'm skiing in Aspen and dont want to update whilst on the other side of the world.


I posted the first version of my update code a long time ago. (Although I’ve developed my version quite a bit since then)

I know a few devs use it but everyone has the option to.



Great work as usual.

Thanks Mate.


I am new here. Still migrating from ST. I am using your apps, and I can safely say that you have played a huge role in making this move for me successful. Thank you!