A Brazilian space?

Hi guys!

I´m a Brazilian HE user, and the Brazilian community of users is growing quickly, although we don´t have an official Hubitat presence here. We have Telegram and WhatsApp groups to exchange ideas and help, but would be great a dedicated space here. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance,



Not a bad idea hubitat. Maybe give the forums some areas for people that want region specific advise?

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Start a topic called Brazilian Chat. There is an Australian Chat that has hundreds of posts.


Thanks for the tip, I'll do it!

When you create a Topic please share it here!

Bom se é grupo do Brasil, podemos falar em portugues :slight_smile:

Eu moro na verdade no Panama, porem se puderem me adicionar ao grupo do Telegram, agradeco +507 6272-4718.


@WMarcolin, criado o tópico. Também lhe enviei convite para o grupo, porém usamos o WhatsApp.

Obrigado Marcus, ja conectado :slight_smile:

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