5v RGB Controller? Z-wave or Zigbee?

So I am looking for a 5v controller for RGB lights. I am currently using lightify for the garden lights, but with them going away eventually, I wanted to work on switching it over now.

Maybe someone can chime in: if I have a 12v controller and on the power channel led side I use a step down DC to Dc converter to bring it to 5v and the grounds stay the same would that work? SO I can use a 12v controller to control the 5v lights?

I have 2 runs I want to power off the same power supply. 2 units connected on one and 5 units connected on the other. (Yes I can run 5 units, I just run a single power wire along with them and inject power every 2 strips. No issues after that)

Are these analog LEDs (all one color) or Digital (individually addressable)? There aren't many 5v analog LED strips out there, that's why I ask.

Yes, you'd just have to get one that supports the total amps you're strips are going to use.

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yes analog and they are 5v. They are the lightify garden lights and they are 5v. and I forgot I had a digital stepdown DV to DV controller and just tested my setup and it works, in fact I am able to connect almost 4 stings before you see a drop in power to the leds, but will still plan on injecting every 2 strands and on the end. Will be going with a RGBGenie Controller for the setup.

Just ordered it on amazon. :slight_smile:

But the RGBGenie controller is 12-24V. That won't work with 5v LEDs.

O it will work because on the power line I will add a step down dv to dv controller and drop it to 5v, all the other lines for RGB are ground wires, so yes it will work.

12v power to 12v controller, then on + out from controller for leds use the step down controller to make 5v, and there i have it a controller that will work with 5v.

I have tested it with a few other controllers already (Wifi & Bluetooth) and it works as expected.

I don´t know if you have your controller yet, but I have used the Gledopto 5v USB controller with my HUE. I don´t know if it works directly with Hubitat though.

am just using a standard 12v unit and the adding in a DC to DC step down converter on the power side to the strip.

So the lightify garden lights that are 5v and can only connect 2 units together, I can now connect them to my riged controller and I have 6 units connected together, using power injection after 3 sets, this ends up working perfect. :slight_smile: And i get all the benefits of the better controller.

But thanks for the info.

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I'm curious if this is still working? Any pictures of how you wired it up?

Don't have pics and to hard to get to the unit. But its really easy. you can use any 12v RGB controller and power supply. To make them work with 5v leds, just put a DC to DC controller in between the power line. (https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-Converter-1-25-36v-Efficiency-Regulator/dp/B079N9BFZC/ref=sr_1_1?crid=15JA0GDPFKA02&dchild=1)

Take the power out from the 12v controller to the "+ in" on the DC to DC converter. Then the negative from the 12v power supply (not the controller) and attach to the "- in" on the DC to DC converter.

Then take a volt meter and touch them to the out connections and dial it in until it shows output 5v (Turning the little screw on the blue thing on the dc converter, mine I had to turn many times counter clockwise before it started to bring the voltage down.)

Once the converter shows 5v out, you can then connect the power line for the lights to the "+ out" and then the color lines to the 12v controller. (Nothing will be connected to the "- out" on the DC converter.

Let me know if that helps

Yup That helps. Thanks!!!