5G Wireless whole house modems - self heal app that works great

So i use at the lake the new Verizon 5G wireless modem. Works great. I wrote a "self heal" app to try and restart the modem and router if the internet connection dies. Works great and saves a 2 hour drive to flip a switch. Hope it helps someone. jj


Very nice! Glad it is working. Thank you for sharing.

One question... :thinking: What is the purpose of the "Delay 0:05:00" at the end? Since the rule is triggered every 5 minutes, it would seem this extra Delay is unnecessary, as there are no additional actions after the Delay.

Murphy's law - i wanted to make certain that the modem and router had five minutes to come back up clean. Agree the 5 minute trigger does the same thing - just making it bullet proof. j


Hallo, I have some rules running but I am not really an RM specialist ... so the question ... the rule triggers every 5 minutes, total delays is 5 min + 30 seconds ... isn't this leading to the situation that for some time two "instances" of the rule are running? Thank you in advance for info. Michael


Thank you for replying.

There will always be a bit of a delay in the trigger and the delay in the last command line, whichever gets there first wins - just wanted to make it was bullet proof and in 2 months not a burp. Unplug the modem to test and in 3 failures it cycles the power like a champ. If it is a race or loading issue you are concerned about, it is not doing much of anything as longs as the pings respond properly. I keep a global variable count of the number of times the ping failed and forced the actions to run - 0 in two months. Verizon worked much better than Tmobile - but then again Tmobile told me two weeks ago when i returned theirs i use on another property they had a defective batch and mine was one of them. Replaced and works solid too. They are both under $60 a month unlimited and the speeds are impressive.

Just for clarity, they don't cancel each other out.

If the rule runs at 1:15, then another instance of the rule will still run at 1:20 in parallel.

As you said though, in this particular case, it probably doesn't matter any.

This is what I meant ...