500 error adding button controller

i have a new hub.. no devices upgraded to latest firmware and radio f/w
i get 500 error when trying to add button controller app..could it be becuase i have no buttons yet?

Good chance, try adding a virtual button, then try again.

cold reboot fixed it thanks..nothing to do with devices

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Congrats on the new hub! What are you going to do with the new one or if upgrading, the old one?

Trying to decide what to do with my old smartthings

this is the second one.. i already upgraded one in mi..

just starting on nh.. 200+ devices.. ....
got one room done so far where the new hub is..

as for smartthings i will eventually just scrap it.. as i did in mi.. once i get everything off of it..

I hope it stays that way for you. The dreaded 500 started my descent into a few weeks of hell, with zigbee network dropping off, requiring reboots, repeated disable/enable of zigbee network.

Was it ever resolved. Only one zigbee device so far added and about 15 zwave