5 years and a month

After over 5 years in ST, I was Wink prior to that, I've deleted my location and unplugged the ST hub. I'm done!!

I'm almost done with adding devices and I'm tweaking my rules and stuff.

I'm looking forward to the Hubitat experience.


Welcome! You are late to the party but it's good to have you here now :grin:


Thanks. I'm enjoying it quite a bit..

@bamarayne21 same story as me but I jumped from wink when I got the news of the subscription and came directly to the new ST app. Then I jumped to hubitat. Great thing is that, if I want to switch to home assistant in the future, it will cost me nothing, as I can use a vm with my computer. I will use hubitat as the z wave and zigbee antenna, but have automations in home assistant, so I can use hubitat as a zigbee and z wave dongle, which is much more stable than home assistant + usb dongle

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Hello, Jason. I just saw this thread so I'm obviously behind the times. Good to see you over here (again).

I remember, once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, Bruce remarked that you understood use cases for Rule Machine even better than he did. So, I look forward to your tips and hints.


I've actually not tried the new RM. I had a bunch of WC pistons saved from before. I added all of my hardware and restored the pistons. Had the entire swap over done in about 4 hours.

I plan to check it out though, I just haven't had time. Retired live is busier than when I was working!