5.1 rule

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I don't understand why the "if" not working, please help mee

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Triggers are momentary events, and unless otherwise directed, all the action statements are evaluated at the time of the triggering event.

So when it is sunset (the triggering event), it cannot be sunset + 180 minutes.

One simple solution would be to add an additional trigger of “sunset + 180 minutes” for this rule.


Could you just wait 180?

Another solution would be to add a Wait until Sunset+180 before the IF-THEN. You could then eliminate the IF-THEN action and just keep what's contained within.

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Yes, there's many options.

Or make a separate rule for sunset +180 i don't understand why people insist on overly complicating one rule when 2 are much simpler.


Agreed. Rules are free. And keeping them simple leaves less room for error.


Ok, thenks all for advice, good day all

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