4th of July

It's all set works like a charm ......Now I need more outside lights to add to it.


I saw slow downs when I used hubitat to change light colors. I moved all of this to my hue bridge although making color patterns is a bit hard in the official hue app.

I use iconnect hue for iOS but that is a bit pricier than I thought. Now my GLEDOPTO controlled landscape lights go red and blue at 10% even though that's not what the animation dictates. The developer wasn't to keen on helping with my issue. First world problems I suppose.

Good luck!

I tested this last night, and my hub locked up around 230am......it was stuck on the "hub is starting up screen" so tried to reboot through 8081, and it was if I performed a soft reset instead, having to go through the whole "getting started" process again, and then all devices/apps completely gone.

Luckily after doing a database restore, it is back to normal.

I don't have a hue bridge, so it looks like I will be increasing the delay time on the color changes, to see if it helps.

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Yeaup.... Increasing the delay time helped me a little bit but ultimately it still was slower.

Not that it's a priority but maybe some staff could come up with a color sequence App that doesn't slow or lock the hub. In my experience Rule Machine slowed the hub as it commanded 3 bulbs to change color and then fire a delayed action of another 5 min color change.

Until then my hue bridge is my little work horse for those activities, too bad I can't connect my Tasmota RGB controller to Hue...

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Ya I'm going to try a different route.....I have a backup hub with nothing on it, going to put that light and just that rule on it only and see if it still locks up. This light is zwave so even if I had a hue bridge it wouldn't do me much good :unamused:

At least this time every device won't be down for 5 hours if it does lock up this time.

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