40 amp pool switch

Anybody had any luck with adding above pool switch to Hubitat C-7? Can’t get it to exclude or include. It is 40 feet from hub.

That module definitely works with Hubitat. But it may be too far away to connect directly with the hub, because the model number (GE 12726) indicates it is a Z-Wave unit, and not the newer Enbrighten Z-Wave+ version.

The Z-Wave version doesn't support network wide inclusion, while the Z-Wave+ version does. So you may need to include it close to the hub, and then move it to its final location, and perform a z-wave repair on that node. Hopefully your z-wave mesh is strong enough for the hub to communicate with it once it is in the final location.

Thank you. Kind of hard to get hub closer unless I use extension cords for power and modem. Is there a range extender/ repeater that I could instal between the 2?

Only after the initial pairing I believe. It has to first be paired directly with the hub and then you can use any repeater in between

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Correct. For devices that do not support network wide inclusion, they have to be paired within range of the hub.

Repeaters may help make the communication more reliable AFTER pairing, but they don't help DURING the pairing process at all for this type of device.

Newer devices that do support network wide inclusion, do not have this restriction and can pair through repeaters.

If you use a WiFi Access Point in "client mode" you should be able to temporarily relocate your hub and attempt a pairing.

Something like this:

Or go the HE Wifi dongle route:

Note: Wifi connections are not as reliable as hard wired so this should only be done for situations like this..

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No need to move your modem. If its only 40ft from the hub, get a 50ft ethernet cable. Should be able to get the hub right next to the switch wired to the modem/router. Ethernet cable is probably your cheapest way to get it closer. Hopefully you already own an extension cord?


That works as well, as long as it's an easy run. The stuff I mentioned might be a bit simpler to reuse.

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Just to add to this. I have the same model and just added it back to my hub this week.

You have to have the hub close by. I use a long Ethernet cable and move it to that side of the house.

Then I put the switch into off (middle)

Start exclusion on the hub.

Hold the button for 5s. Exclusion will happen once you let go.

To add do the same but in inclusion mode of course.

Hope that helps.


Gavin thank you. What type of Ethernet cable do you use cat 5,6 or 7 … does it matter. May seem like a stupid question but I’m new to this.

Thank you

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Yes I have extension cord… what type of Ethernet cable Cat 6?

Cat 5 would be sufficient. The hub has a 100 mbps ethernet port. So get whatever appeals to you the most.