4 Smart plugs for $20

Apparently these can be flashed with Tasmota. For $5/plug I couldnt resist.


I hope it really has an ETL mark on it like the product page says.

I don't think those will work for me. I have an English house and those have spanish words in the URL

Can they be flashed OTA with Tuya Convert? I got "burnt" by Treatlife dimmer switches that can be flashed, but the current shipping firmware doesn't work with Tuya Convert due to an ssl issue. I can still solder to pins but it is a major pain...

Yea I got burnt with a firmware thing like that too…the newest firmware didn’t allow flashing.

However the review that said you could do it was from June 8th 2020. So I'm hopeful. In the end it's only $20.

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I'm just getting started with adding Tasmota devices... Got a three pack of the color bulbs from Lowes (Matte finish box - see the reddit thread) and did Tuya convert. So slick. the Hue emulation is sweet, straight to Alexa. I'm trying to figure out where I "need" these!

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For the record these worked great. Flashed them with Tuya-Convert on a Raspberry Pi, and then upgraded to @markus 's awesome Tastmota firmware.

I found these same ones at a local auction, got them for $16. Same thing, all tuya converted, and online local.
I'm getting a 3d printed header piece tomorrow to attempt solder-less flash upgrade of 8 Treatlife dimmer switches (DS01C) to Tasmota. Sure hope I can get this to work!

Just keep in mind that any ultra-cheap device that plugs into your electrical mains wiring could start a fire.

Good to know. I guess I made the right choice to use these outside. They fit in the plastic enclosures I have adjacent to brick.

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I don't mean to suggest these specific devices are any more likely to do that than some other.

Just that for me personally, a super deal price is much lower on my priority list for plug-in devices compared to battery powered ones. Safety first!

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I have to reneg a bit. Having issues with these devices.

I flashed 2 of them with the HE Tasmota and then at some point they stop connecting to wifi (usually) and now appear stuck in their config mode where the web "console" works, but the web UI does not.

From the console i run various Resets (reset 5, reset 3, etc) and nothing I do will clear the Wifi settings or anything.

Not sure if this is a Tasmota issue or a device issue.

I'm using three of the four with the Tasmota-HE version, no issues yet that I know of, If I see any I'll update.

Which tastmota version are you using?