4 of 5 RL 560 LEDs show up as generic in Dashboard

I have all 5 of these bulbs configured the same way on the devices page

Using the Generic Zigbee CT Bulb Driver

But as you can see from my dashboard page, only one of the lights is showing up correctly - the other 4 seem to show up as generic

Kitchen 1 shows up as a dimmer and the other 4 (Kitchen 2-5) show up as generic.

This is my first day with Hubitat and am diggin' it so far but am stumped here.

I did try to reboot the HE but no changes happened.

Welcome to the club!
You can change the template of the device from Generic to Dimmer, bulb or switch by clinking on the 3 dots on the device you want to change and select the right template for that device.

Thanks for the tutorial - That did the trick!

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