4 Linkind Zigbee Sensors $12 shipped

I've retired 4 Linkind Zigbee sensors. They work great, but don't check-in with the hubitat. In my experience, they detect water and trigger alerts on the hubitat C7 or C8 every time but I couldn't figure out how to monitor them so they're available for slightly more than the cost of shipping them to you. You'll need two AAA batteries for each and they seem to work well with rechargeables.

I'm out for a few days but will check messages on Sun nite or Monday. First offer gets them.

When I first got these, they did report a battery level every day. But some update after (to the Hubitat driver type, I think) changed that. The two I had to re-pair no longer report battery daily, nor do the 2nd four I got, but the other two still do.

But these work great -- I really like them for their form factor. I've not replaced batteries in them 28 months.

I will take them if you are still interested in getting rid of them. Thanks

Brandon -- they're yours! Just PM me with your address, I'll reply with my paypal and can likely ship them out on Monday.

These are some of the best leak sensors I have.

Yeah...I have 4 deployed and 4 more NIB and the 4 I have installed are all checking in just fine:

Using Generic Zigbee Moisture Sensor driver.

PM sent. Thanks!

Sounds like you had more success than I did. Probably should have checked here for help before replacing them with different sensors (I'm now using the Zooz zwave ones and they've been great so far).

I've worked something out with Brandon so he will be the new owner.

If you have any tips and tricks for setting up the LinKind sensors, please share since others may want some help!

I tested them under the C-7 and they worked for me, but others may have other experiences. I run them "in production" on SmartThings (Zigbee 3.0), so a non 3.0 coordinator may have issues that I've never seen. I didn't try them on the C-8.