3rd party apps/devices version numbering display in HE

With the increasing number of apps from great developers (you know who you are!) keeping track of updates is getting more challenging as well. (Yes I know I can install HPM :grinning: but not every dev may support it)

I would like to make a suggestion that the user apps/drivers section of the HE web interface could include a version column as well so we would know which ones are installed. Similarly devs who host code on github can simply include the version number in the app description like @gavincampbell does with Fully Kiosk Browser.

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I think this is a good idea - either on the Apps screen itself or via the info column button to the left of each app. Some way of retrieving the versioning from the code would need to be standardised.

I find a lot of support requests are using old versions often unwittingly. I post my version numbers on the app screens and to MQTT but still I'm getting old versions in use.

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