3D printed switch for smart switch

you can pick up a Zigbee WIFI Mini Smart Light Switch on aliexpress.com for under $5. I paid as low as $3.50.
Here is a 3D printed toggle switch (uses 2xmicro switch limit switch KW12 from Temu.com) (12/$3)

Anyone interested I can send the stl files

Just curious is this purely a cost thing or did you specifically want a black toggle switch?

ha, unfortunately my switches are light almond... couldnt find PLA close enough...so I have to spray paint : (
I was tempted to use my tan PLA and then print the plate so they would match but chose the spray route

looks fun as a mechanical exercise but a "momentary 2way switch" is off-the-shelf, $6 item including metal plate.

I expect there are light-switch formats too.

I was trying to imitate a Zooz switch : )
image ($28)
and I could not find a single momentary toggle switch anywhere to work with the zigbee smart switch.
where would I have gotten that ?

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sorry I neglected that you assembled a smart wall switch. I thought you were referring only to the momentary 2way toggle switch assembly. If you did the whole thing for $6 material that is unbelievable!

with some assembly and printer required...

Amazon momentary 2way toggle (often a commercial switch for #1 pulsing-contactor-on, and #3 pulsing-contactor-off, and #2-center-hold)


Probably a cheap chinese equivalent somewhere

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