3A Nue Smart Home DE

Do you know if Hubitat supports 3A Nue Smart Home DE inline ZigBee 3.0? It works with my Philips Hue hub, but I have to expose it with HomeBridge. If I understand correctly Hubitat will soon be HomeKit native?

It should work with the generic driver directly on hubitat or you can simply connect your Hue bridge directly to Homekit. The code is on the bottom of the hub.

IIRC, only official Philips Hue brand devices can be exposed to HomeKit from a Hue bridge using Hue's native HomeKit functionality.

This may change with Matter, eventually.


Thanks for that. I always thought that pretty much anything connected to it would work.

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Philips Hue bridge is of course connected with HomeKit, actually I’ve two of them due to the amount of devices. The Nue devices aren’t officially supported, so won’t appear in my HomeKit setup. That’s the reason I am exposing them through Homebridge. I hope Hubitat or Matter is going to change that playing field. I am hearing mixed messages about Matter, so that’s the reason I am investigating Hubitat. I am taking a wait and see approach because if it’s not official HomeKit certified I am sticking with HomeBridge, which works.

Well being zigbee 3.0 you could likely use the generic driver on HE and then bring it into HK that way.

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