360 Video Doorbell

Not sure if anyone else on here has seen this on Indiegogo... the potential here for future integration with HE. Support will exist for Alexa, Google Assistant and Home Assistant... so there's potential. Shipping globally in April.

Who's getting one...? Who's going to write the driver...? :wink:

In a moment of weakness I purchased one several days ago. My only other contribution on the site was ultimately for a company that went bankrupt! At least I hope to receive a product this time, although I'm not very optimistic about a public API. (Gee...I see "developer" next to your name, perhaps you will be the one to reverse engineer something!)

I was almost there, then chickened out and stopped myself at the last second (hope no chickens are offended by that statement).

I've backed maybe 15 Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns and only got burnt once, although I don't recall a single one that shipped on schedule. Some were more than a year past.

If there was a local API I probably would have made the final click, but there isn't and the answers they gave to those questions are vague and non-committal. I'm totally fed up with my Ring doorbells and cameras, but I won't buy another device that's part of a closed system.