3326-L that chews through batteries

Hey gang,

I have 2 - 3326-L motion sensors on the corner of a wall (one facing each direction) 2 inches apart that chew through batteries in a matter of 7-10 days. Sometimes 1 of them shows multi color lights so I reset, repair...

They are outside under the balcony, as a crow flies they are 30' from the hub. Wood walls with concrete siding. I have another that is 60' from the hub, under the same balcony just on the other end and it works just fine.

I installed a 3210-L inside the house 4' above these motion sensors which didn't help. I then moved the 3210-L half-way to the hub still hasn't helped

Is it possible they are both bad?

Or where to start trouble shooting from here?

Thanks in advance

That means it’s in demo mode and it will kill the batteries. How long have you had these? Did you just purchase them? Some folks are finding older firmware on the eBay lots and if you have an ST hub you can connect to it and upgrade the firmware to hopefully resolve any issues.

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Hello, I have about 15 of these. A long time ago I had one killing batteries, I returned it. However I also noticed that if they don't pair & configure correctly, it will kill the battery.
And not sure if you're aware, but just adding a repeater, after a device is already paired, is not a guarantee the device will route via the repeater.
What I did to determine if mine was bad was to pair it next to the hub and leave it there and observe if any battery drain.
As far as your location of the device, it may be interference in that particular area(i have foil faced insulation in my walls-a nightmare for RF).
Start by re-pairing the sensor next to hub,,and observe battery life. If it's good, try pairing the motion sensor after deploying the repeater in the original motion sensor location.

I know this stuff can be maddening, as I just got rid of a zigbee ghost after 3 months.

Yes I am aware of demo mode, what is weird is after a reset no demo mode, days later, demo mode

Purchased them abouot 4 months ago, not sure of the FW version and no ST hub (any longer)


I have also shutdown the hub for ~30 mins to allow the zigbee network to rest.

Since I have another that is twice as far away from the hub with no issues, I am not thinking it's a wall construction issue... could be wrong however

I will move them to the hub for a week or so and see how battery life goes :slight_smile:

OK so of the 2 that I moved next to the hub... # 1 is at 87% battery which is where it was when I moved it... and #1 is at 49% (also at 87% when I moved it) no demo mode for either which is good

#1 appears to be the newer FW based on 35-40 sec reset
#2 appears to be the older FW based on 6-10 sec reset

Next i'll delete/remove the device, reset it and get it added back in, next to the hub and monitor again.

As for the FW version, since I don't have ST hub, guess I'm stuck???

I'll try moving #1 back to it's original location and repair since the repeater location hasn't moved

Any other thoughts?

Edit: Current my Zigbee is on Channel 11, any chance moving to 20 would help? I do have Google WiFi with several 2.4GHz devices, wondering it that might be adding to my issue with Zigbee on Channel 11

Well, #2 (older FW) went through another battery in 10 days and it is 2" from the hub... #1 is also next to the hub and it's still reporting 87%

Guess I have a bad device :frowning:
Anything else I can try before I pitch it? it's been too long to contact the seller

Moving to channel 20 from 11 doesn't seem to have helped or hurt my mesh, so i'll leave it as is.

Edit: Looks like the other device has a low battery, apparently the dashboard wasn't current when compared to the device status. Maybe I have 2 bad devices

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