30 Seconds from motion to lights on?

Room Lighting activations are usually super fast but once in a while this happens:

It takes 25 seconds for the fan to come on, and another 4 seconds for the lights. Is there any explanation for this? This is obviously a lot more than, the hub is running a little sluggish.
C8 Pro.

Edit, the fan and lights are both zwave (inovelli red 2in1 dimmer and fan is a zooz 5 button wall switch), while the motion is a Nyce zigbee ceiling motion

I see this from time to time as well. Happens for me with Zigbee motion detectors and Z-Wave Plus switches. Never been able to figure it out and then (usually) the next time is fine. Keep hoping that "the next release fixes this glitch." Not repeatable enough to post it though. I'm going to track this thread just in case.

Right, its more like 1 out of 20 times it will do this. Looking closer at the logs it might simply be a Zwave network hangup, I see the C8 asking the lights and fan to come on, and then 25 seconds later it reports they're on.

It does seem likely to be a device issue. Check your Z-Wave device table to look for potential issues, particularly 'ghosts'

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My Zwave table is in pretty good shape, with most devices connecting directly to the hub, only a very small few hop through other devices.
I do have a relay inside a pool heater that is off for the winter. I'm guessing you'll suggest I unpair it for the winter instead of leaving it with no power?

Some people say yes, others say it doesn't matter. Hops don't matter much as long as they're not excessive. Do you have devices with high route change counts (resets at hub restart)?

I'd also suggest a shutdown, unplugged for 30 seconds cycle to get the Z-Wave radio rebooted.

A few. About 80% of them are 0, 1 or 2. Then a few devices, including the ones that were giving me problems the other night, the route changes says 16.

I think I understand what it means, but why. The device isn't very far, and devices right next to it, or much further are happy with 0, 1, or 2 route changes. My Hub was cold booted a few days ago.

I am not an expert!

You are getting some extreme battery reports on the WallMote device. Is that the device that triggers the lights?

I generally turn off power reporting if I don't need it just to eliminate unnecessary busy-work for the hub and the mesh.

I have found that some random dysfunction is resolved by replacing the battery in a Zigbee sensor even though the battery level was reported in the OK range but lower.

I try to avoid unnecessary logging unless there is a problem.

Most intermittent, unexplained delays just seem to go away for no particular reason.

Hal3, the device is not associated with this particular automation, and I see the conflicting battery reports, 255 then 0. I wonder what that's about? It's an Aeotec 4 gang button device with a built in rechargeable battery.

If you want to get more help from people with more Z-Wave expertise, post a picture of your Z-Wave details. There may be something there that can be gleaned from that information

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