3-way Switch Set Up

I had two switches (one was on/off and the other a dimmer) controlling a set of lights. I replaced the dimmer with a Zooz Zen27 Dimmer and wired it up per the directions and I believe it is working as intended. The dimmer works to control the lights and the old on/off switch is non-functional. Unfortunately, this does not meet the WAF (wife approval factor). Is there something I can add to control the dimmer remotely from near the old on/off switch? Or did I set it up wrong?

Is this a 3-way type setup? I'm unsure about zooz, but wouldn't you need the secondary switch for the other end? My GE switches don't work with dumb switches on the other end. It has to have the less smart secondary switch that's like 17$ in reference. This is the only thing I could think to be wrong. Unless zooz works with dumb switches. I know one does, just can't think of which brand.


I believe Zooz and Inovelli specifically pride themselves in producing smart switches that can work in 3/4 way configurations with dumb switches.

The switch should be able to work using standard traveler configuration with both the smart and dumb switch working. If the dumb switch isn’t working, one or both of your switches are probably wired wrong.


Important distinction here .. to pass WAF, does the second switch need to do dimming, or just on/off?

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Whoops! Looked at that diagram and that's not what I got. Looking back at my boxes and I apparently have the Zen22 VER 3.0.

@CrazyIvan - Correct that it "works" without needing a secondary switch that april noted, I believe they CAN'T work with other smart switches. It says 2 point control so that probably means I have some wiring incorrect. It uses the same wiring as the VER 2.0:

I'm guessing my wiring setup is a little different than this. It's a set of 4 recessed cans as opposed to a single light. So I will likely need to investigate the wiring of the cans.

@HAL9000 - Just needs to be on/off.

Thanks for the feedback.

Yep you’re right. They don’t rely on slave switches. I’ve made the similar mistakes when I wired mine a while back and I had the same issues (only one switch working or one switch having to always be on for the other to work). Good luck, hope you figure it out.

You should definitely get on/off control from the other switch in a 3-way so pleaseget in touch with our support with wiring images of your existing set-up and your order number and we'll create step-by-step instructions for you on how to rewire it. Please don't experiment for your own safety! (Also, it's easy to fry electronic switches since they can only be wired one way in every scenario)

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Looks like I wired the dumb switch wrong. Guess I was tired as I only had the traveler wired up, but no neutral. Once I followed the option 2, it worked.