2'x4'dimmable LED ceiling tile light

Does anyone know of a 2'x 4'LED false ceiling fixture that is dimmable by a normal dimmer switch? All of the dimmable LED false ceiling fixtures I've seen lately are dimmable only via 0-10 volt circuit which requires more wires that I don't have from the switch to the light.


Could you use something like this?

Thanks, but if I put that behind the switch I could get the switch wires to it and the hot wires to the light but not the 0-10 volt wires, if I put it at the light I could get hot and 0-10 volt wires to the light but I couldn't connect the switch because it requires another 2 wires I don't have run and it isn't easy to run more. Also I think that requires a momentary switch rather than a standard on/off single pole switch if you want dimming and the switch location where I want that currently has a double switch one for the light and one for the fan. I'm hoping to replace that switch with the Zen30 double switch when it comes out next week however that switch doesn't do 0-10 volt it dims on the normal (for any other kind of light in the US anyway) 120 volts. These false ceiling LED fixtures are the first time I've seen 0-10 volt dimmer circuits.

I've installed an number of LED fixtures with "built in" drivers. If you are looking at the same type of LED light, the driver controls the current to the LEDs. There are different controllers that can drive these lights. The one I have will control the LED's by a 0 to 10V signal OR simply a good quality dimmer. I use a Leviton dimmer, I've had better luck with them not flickering.

If your interested but not comfortable with the concept of looking into the built in controller and maybe changing it, I can walk you through it if you like.

It sounds like you have not picked a light yet. I would suggest you pick the one you like, open the box and take a photo of the LED driver such that you can read the label (for output requirements). It should look similar to the one below.


ToggLED has retrofit lamps that bypass the ballast and are dimmable.


I have installed plenty of them and I love them.

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Thanks, I'll go to a lighting store tomorrow to see what my options are, I may leave the non dimmable one I have and add another dimmable light on the wall and put that on a micro controller to just have that come on with the other light when it is above 80%, that way at night it would be just the dimmable wall light that would come on which would be plenty for going to the bathroom but when someone turns the lights to full the overhead light will come on too which I think would be needed for the shower stall.

Sounds good. Let me know if I can help.

These controllers are really simple once you get to know them. For out bath my Wife fell in love with a certain light design, however the light it gave was too dim and too yellow. So I bought it and removed the LED's, replacing them and the controller with brighter whiter LEDs.


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These appear to mostly require low voltage dimmers. Posting in case you hadn't seen them.


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